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Before starting with your personal computer make sure that you have a good knowledge base of computer hardware. So if you know a lot on the subject you’ll be able to pick and choose the right pieces of hardware for the job and save yourself some money at the same time, especially if you’re comfortable going for brands you aren’t familiar with.

The most simple types of desktop hardware are you monitor/screen, keyboard and mouse. Computers need great hardware in order to work properly. Hardware aside, you’re also going to require some software, name an operating system. The basic components of computer hardware include:

The CPU, or Central Processing Unit: This relates to the “motherboard,” the body of the computer. The CPU needs a a heat sink and fan; the chip set which is responsible for bridging the CPU to other components of the system to perform its functions as the brain of the computer.

Responsible for running processes and applications is the memory or the RAM. Power management and boot firmware are included on the BIOS. The operating system drivers is handled by the Basic Input Output System.

Your power supply: The computer depends on your power supply to power everything in your computer. The cooling fan, switch, and power cord all make up the computer’s power supply.

The video controller is attached to the motherboard and relates to the graphic card operations.

A removable media device is your computers storage. General removable media thing – which is OK for data and sound on PC’s – including the floppy disk; the larger Zip drive, CD-ROM, high-capacity CD – ROM drive reads data , the CD writer to read and write data on CD-ROM, CD-ROM discs which is a higher-memory type of DVD – ROM drive, DVD burner, the DVD – RAM drives expression of reading and writing; of the Blue for high-density optical data storage and high-definition video Blu-ray; of BD – ROM drive, BD writers, as well as USB flash drive, Flash memory devices for data storage use, large capacity.