Used Desktop PC Cases and Computer Parts – Is It Risky to Buy a Used Computer?

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Ever considered building a unit from a desktop PC case? If you can’t afford the new computer you want, picking up some used or new computer parts to build a tower is a road many are going down these days.

It definitely is less expensive and you often can get much more computer for the money. Its not unusual to should save at least half off the price of a new computer system.

If your considering building a refurbished computer you are going to need to start with a desktop PC case obviously. A good place to start is putting down what you need out of a computer.

For example if your kids just need something for surfing the web and checking email a really cheap unit will suffice. On the contrary if you or your kids are into online gaming or downloading a lot of music you may need a more robust processor or above average size hard drive.

Ideally you want to try to make sure your dealing with one of the major manufacturers. The advantage of this is that they typically have solid warranties that they will back up without to much hassle. Try to obtain as many tips as you can to limit your potential hazards. Try to avoid dealing with ads in the classifieds section from local non retail sellers.

Provided if the unit was rebuilt by a third party, you typically have nothing to worry about if that company is one of the majors. Warranties are also a consideration in the process as most major manufacturers now offer great warranties. Obviously as always read the fine print.

When your doing your research make sure the monitor is included. Many look at a computer online and think it’s an amazing deal only to realize it doesn’t come with the monitor. This can be a very deflating experience.

With the many great desktop PC cases available in refurbished sections, it definitely is a viable consideration to take a stab at building a tower for the cost savings alone or just buy one out of the refurbished section with a warranty.

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