Huge PC Case

If portability on your gaming box is your thing then the Huge PC case is not for you. As you can imagine a case of this size if constructed with sheet metal is going to be a boat anchor.

A distinguishing feature to look for on a huge PC case is the ability for the top to come off the case very easily in addition to be equipped with top mounted I/O ports. So when you remove the top from the striker you are left with a carry handle and I/O plate with all of the ports the ports exposed. There should be no cables to worry about and no tools should be needed to release any of the panels. A good feature is to have plastic tabs underneath the roof allowing the plastic housing just lifts straight off so you can get to work and clip it straight back on again without any trouble.

Inside, huge PC case obviously needs to be spacious with options at the top for fan placement. It is important to have enough space for push/pull fans without blocking RAM slots and to allow cable routing and motherboard placement easier. Grommets need to be of good quality and don’t look like they are going to fall out easily.

Strategic number of points around case needs to be fabricated for cable management and anchoring zip ties. There’s also needs to be some sort of compartment at the bottom with a concealed tray for screws cables and other bits and pieces.

The SSD drive cage can be attached to the floor of the case as a very practical location. The SSD cage shoould be removable to easily mount arrays as needed.

The front of the Case is to have 5.25″ covers that are easy to remove and clip back into place. A design consisting of probably a nice combination of black metal mesh and flexible plastic. Again, good build quality is essential and the drive covers should feel solid and secure. The drive cages are to be easily accessed and can be orientated in either 90° blowing across the case or straight through. By default case should come with them angled 90 across the case. It would probably be better if the cages were configured out of the box blowing into the case to feed a graphics card (or two).

A handy feature is to have a 2.5″ SSD X doc at the top of the case. A rear mounted 140 mm is quite effective and of course needs to be very quiet as is the proposed top 200mm fan. A radical look can be achieved by equipping two white LED fans at the front, that are quiet on low speed to provide feeding the case with fresh air. The white LEDs need to give a nice glow without being too bright. So as to not disturb your room mate there is an LED on/off switch that will allow you to play without creating to much of an illumination problem.

There is always a race to see who can build the fastest but it always turns out to be a Huge PC Case but in this age of micro technology the Fastest Computer in the World takes up a lot of space. Check out the video below for a feature of overkill on a desktop PC that must have given the builders lots of fun, but one would have to wonder how much electricity this thing burns. The real grand mod I would like to see is actually powering this bohemuth with solar and or wind power to produce a zero carbon footprint. That would be impressive not to mention very cool.