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PC Enclosures – The Different Types Used For Factory Information Systems

pc enclosure photo

Photo by Doug Kline

When SAP or SCADA is being installed on a factory floor there are many things to consider and one the main overlooked solutions is how to protect the factory information system.

Now this does actually depends upon the hardware that will be used with the information system solution, some use standard computers, others use thin clients, obviously the thin client units take up a lot less room in the factory and are normally connected to a TFT screen, were the PC is normally connected to a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) screen these are much bulkier and demand a lot more space.


Now let us look at the options.


Thin Client Enclosure.

This will accommodate a thin client and a TFT screen up to and including a 19″ screen, the case ideally should be manufactured from steel and powder coated in a general manufacturing factory or food quality stainless steel for food processing factories. These can also be either touch screen or have a keyboard in a roll out drawer below for inputting data.

PC Enclosure.

These accommodate the PC in its normal position with a monitor on top of the computer, or alternatively depending upon security a separate compartment may be needed only allowing access to the keyword for the operator whilst the computer department has full access to the computer whilst no one else has.

Advantages- well both units can need to offer protection form dust and air borne particles in general manufacturing plants, these are referred to as IP56, this means that the unit will prevent dust entering the enclosure and the case is also splash resistant. These special cases provide a safe and secure area for the computers allowing the business to function more efficiently.

Disadvantages- well this does depend upon which unit you use, if your factory has got lots of unused floor space the lower cost PC enclosure is perfect however the thin client enclosure offers a more eye catching appeal and will certainly make visitors think that you can check the progress of orders during production.

Just remember that a well thought out project will have a faster ROI.

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