Civ V – Mods, Maps and Features

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Mods, or modifications, are typically referred to with PC (computer) video games. These mods can be made by gamers and developers so you can get a variety of styles and applications being made for games. This can be especially helpful for strategic games like Civ 5.

Most mods are either a partial or a total conversion modification for PC games. A partial conversion mod will only change certain aspect and outcomes of the game, while total conversions can create an entirely new game.

User created mods and maps will play a huge role in the official game with Civilization 5. In Civ 5 you can actually upload and share your maps within the actual game!

You can even important your Civ 4 maps and turn them into usable Civ 5 map.

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This includes all the items and cities you currently have on that map too! Plus, the game will actually convert everything for you, so it is done easily and with little effort. In Civ 5 the square game spaces have been replaced with hexagons, or hexes, but your maps will also be automatically converted to this process as well.

You can also download mods right from the internet to incorporate into your combat and city structure.

Right now there is not a lot of word on what kind of Mods will be available for Civ 5, as the release of Civilization 5 does not come until September 21, 2010. We can only assume that most of the mod types and styles that were available for Civ IV will be similar for Civ 5.

On forums all over the world gamers are discussing mods

that should be available for Civ 5 that may or may not actually come through. Since many gamers are upset that the religion system has been removed from Civ 5, it would be no surprise to see some type of mod that would incorporate the system back into the game.

Firaxis and developers felt that the religion systems

made it the diplomacy within the game too easy so they removed it. They are really into making Civ 5 less cluttered this time around compared to previous sets.

When it comes to the Civ series, the mods have sometimes outshines the game itself.

Some mods can add a much more appealing and fun game for the gamer. Firaxis is one of the most notable game creators that allow fan made mods in their released expansion packs.

Some actual games got their start as a mod for another game

but was so impressive that developers snagged them up to create a whole new game in itself. For the most part all mods are free and downloadable from the net, but there are a few select mods in expansion packs that require you to pay a small fee. Always look around before buying them though because you may find the same or similar mod for free posted in a forum or on a website somewhere.