Parts for a Computer

The second most modified part are the internal parts such as led lighting attached to cooling fans and other internal decorations

Cooler PC by controlling airflow

Ever feel the top of your PC and it was really warm? If so, then do not stop reading! Some of the main reasons computers crash or stop working is because the hardware inside ends up breaking.

If a computer isn’t too old, there is no reason for any hardware problems…unless you installed it yourself and made a boo-boo! This happens because your hardware becomes overheated.

Hardware becomes overheated due to poor airflow inside of your desktop PC case. It’s like a person, about to have heat stroke because it’s been sitting in heat for long periods of time…so how would you help the person?

Give him some water …

PC Case Manufacturers

List of computer case manufacturers:

AMAX Information Technologies

AMAX designs and engineers customized platforms for data centers, cloud, big data, high-performance parallel computing and server-to-rack level OEM appliances. It offers prototyping and a manufacturing process, including custom branding of bezels, faceplates, chassis, and custom box packaging. It has a 5-stage manufacturing process with ISO 9001 standards.

Antec, Inc. is an American-based maker of personal computer (PC) components and consumer tech products.Antec’s principal products are computer cases and power supplies. Antec also offers PC cooling products, notebook accessories, and a line of Antec Mobile Products (A.M.P.) which includes Bluetooth speakers, headphones, portable batteries, and charging hubs. Founded in 1986, the company …

Huge PC Case

If portability on your gaming box is your thing then the Huge PC case is not for you. As you can imagine a case of this size if constructed with sheet metal is going to be a boat anchor.

A distinguishing feature to look for on a huge PC case is the ability for the top to come off the case very easily in addition to be equipped with top mounted I/O ports. So when you remove the top from the striker you are left with a carry handle and I/O plate with all of the ports the ports exposed. There should be no cables to worry about and no …

Used Desktop PC Cases and Computer Parts – Is It Risky to Buy a Used Computer?

desktop PC case photo

Photo by im4t00l

Ever considered building a unit from a desktop PC case? If you can’t afford the new computer you want, picking up some used or new computer parts to build a tower is a road many are going down these days.

It definitely is less expensive and you often can get much more computer for the money. Its not unusual to should save at least half off the price of a new computer system.

If your considering building a refurbished computer you are going to need to start with a desktop PC case obviously. A good place to start is putting down what you need out of …