Case Modding

The major part of computer modding where radical modifications are done to the chassis

Civ V – Mods, Maps and Features

game map photoSpanish version

Mods, or modifications, are typically referred to with PC (computer) video games. These mods can be made by gamers and developers so you can get a variety of styles and applications being made for games. This can be especially helpful for strategic games like Civ 5.

Most mods are either a partial or a total conversion modification for PC games. A partial conversion mod will only change certain aspect and outcomes of the game, while total conversions can create an entirely new game.

User created mods and maps will play a huge role in the official game with Civilization 5. In Civ 5 you can actually upload and …

Elements to consider Just before Buying a brand new Desktop Pc Case

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Photo by Andrew Mason

When deciding upon a new desktop Computer case for the laptop, you will discover not many factors that come into play. But there are a few aspects, and they’re exceptionally critical! Soon after purchasing your new desktop Pc case you don’t desire to understand that it’s not the right size, which brings us towards the first factor to investigate.

In relation to Computer instances, size does matter!

Computer Circumstances come mainly in mid-tower size or perhaps a full-tower size, each based on what hardware is running inside of them. Desktop Computer circumstances also have distinctive kind components; these describe the general layout in the case and …

Modding just not the ordinary

Many sites and companies feature contests for case modders, granting prizes and awards to the winners. Examples include bit tech’s Mod of the Month and Mod of the Year competitions, while some of these contests are sponsored by computer system enthusiast magazines, such as CPU publication or Custom-made PC Publication, both of which have month-to-month modding contests. Other contests are sometimes supported by computer parts manufacturers.

The line: “Some nations have laws prohibiting modding and accuse modders of trying to get rid of copy prevention plans(even when you’re simply attempting to get a little bit more fun from things).” seems to be quite POV. There is also no citation. …

PC Case Leds

Light that thing up like a Christmas tree¬†PC Case Leds and LED installation mod for your computer (case mod). Today you cannot avoid LED (light-emitting diode) as part of the components in your PC. Cooling fans have LED’s built in cases, motherboards, video cards and other components. The good news is that the LED’s do not consume too much electricity so will not be a drain on your power bill. The bad news is that some of these devices should have a LED kill switch in case you want to run your rig in the dark and not disturb your room mate.

The primary reason why we want to …

Custom Pc Case

Gaming PC Cases – Ventilation, Power And Size

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Photo by IntelFreePress

Personal computers have grown to many people’s pride and joy. Whether it’s the ability to do whatever they like on it without fear of reduced performance, such as running complex programs or video games, or because their computer looks unique or is a demonstration of what a real gaming PC looks like.

There can be many reasons for pride, but they all usually relate to one of three things. The internal components, the software or the external components being superior. The ultimate expression of pride would be to have all three being at their best, but sometimes purchasing gaming …

Best Computer Case

Things to Consider When Choosing a Computer Case

Computer Case photoIn the past, computer cases were all very similar… Clones of the same boring, beige box. With all of the choices available today, this is no longer the ‘case’, and people can use their systems’ chassis as a means to express themselves and to set their system apart from the rest. Although appearance may be a big one, it isn’t the only factor in the selection process and the following items should be considered when shopping for a new computer case.

1. Form Factor

There are different sizes of motherboards, which in turn require different cases to house them. Case form …

How To Pick The Right PC Case For Your Computer

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Photo by Razor512 First impressions are the most important, and the same is applicable for your computer as well. While building your desktop computer you certainly give equal importance to the PC cases alike other components.

Vital components like CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Hard Drive, etc. will be inside the case. Due to this reason, you need to buy the PC case carefully. Check whether the buttons and lights work properly or not before buying the case. In addition, how many USB ports are there on the front? In this article we will discuss on how to pick the right PC case for your computer.

While buying the PC case, you …

Case Modding

PC Cases in Wholesale

computer case photoPC case, or in other words the outer shell of your computer, is defined as a box in which the components of computer are embedded in a synchronized manner in terms of their work and efficiency (e.g. motherboard, RAM, drive bays, cooling fans etc). If it is in standing position, then it is called a tower.

And if it is lying, then it’s a desktop. Its build consists mostly of well constructed steel, plastic or aluminum. It is basically build for protection of the components which are fixed inside. Just like a room, in which the furniture is set accordingly. Moreover there are certain designs and …