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computer case photoPC case, or in other words the outer shell of your computer, is defined as a box in which the components of computer are embedded in a synchronized manner in terms of their work and efficiency (e.g. motherboard, RAM, drive bays, cooling fans etc). If it is in standing position, then it is called a tower.

And if it is lying, then it’s a desktop. Its build consists mostly of well constructed steel, plastic or aluminum. It is basically build for protection of the components which are fixed inside. Just like a room, in which the furniture is set accordingly. Moreover there are certain designs and shapes that make its look good and that depends on the choice of the buyer. Wood, plexiglas or lego is used for designing purposes. These are carved and fixed on the body to depict different designs.

Generally the PC case size depends on the size of the motherboard. For example an ATX designed case is mostly seen as a tower. A tower case is relatively larger in terms of volume where as a desktop case is specifically designed to keep business point of view in regard. A push button is included at the front which is directly attached to the mother board. It is basically used for switching on/off.

Earlier, like in early 90z the cases were built like a beige box, which are still often found some where. Whereas nowadays “case modding” (case modification) is seen which is an artistic look of the case. These may include custom paint, liquid cooling systems, and internal lighting. Some cases are also built in this way that consist a clear side panel so that the user can have a clear view inside while it is operating.

Some prominent pc case manufactures include Antec, AOpen, chieftech, evercase, foxconn, Gigabyte Technology, IXIUM, linchi, circle, NZXT, Odyssey, Shuttle Inc., Silverstone technology, Thermaltake, HEC compucase, Yue Lin, Zebronics, Raidmax, OrigenAE, Zalman etc

As far as buying a pc case is concerned, it is always better and recommended to look out for the best whole sale deals in the market that meet your demands. The benefit to buy a pc case in wholesale price is that you get the best price out. And moreover, you have a sundry variety of every brand and every model in the market. The choice is yours to get the best deal out of it.

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